Question about pushing information to a conduit

I’m working on a way to push information from my boxes to the attached conduits and their networks and I’m having trouble with one of the last steps:

For context I have a custom box family I’m using. In that box family is a connector. That connector is automatically added when I attach the conduit which adds it to the conduit network (i.e. when you tab select all the attached conduits).

As you can see below, it is showing up here.

I’ve figured out how to push information from the box to the connector. And I’ve figured out how to push information from one specified part of the network to the rest.


But I’m having trouble generalizing the command.

My thoughts was to do something like what you see below where you first separate out the different networks, then you filter out the connectors. Then you use Element.SetParameterByName (or something) to push the value from the connector to the network.

As you can see, Dynamo doesn’t like this.

Note: I’m a novice with dynamo so I might be missing something obvious.

P.S. I got the “elements in connected network” node from the MEPover package. I don’t know if that matters.

You’re not feeding a string from Elements of a network.

@jschneck Can you post your dyn adn rvt files?

I figured it out: