Question: Is there a timer node?

Does Dynamo have a built-in timer node? I am working with 0.7.x and cannot search package manager and cannot find one built-in.

Hi Wassim,

are you looking for something to periodically re-execute the graph? Is this based on looking at changes made outside of Dynamo (monitoring something external)?


Would be interesting to find a way to execute the graph after event. Watch file node? any other idea? and if yes, how to set a Run command in the graph? thx.

not sure on .7, but with .63 you can force re execution with python node, though I believe you need to have run automatically set for the runs to queue up.

You’d do something like dynSettings.Controller.RunExpression(). You should make sure you have some way of stopping another node from queuing or you’ll just make infinite runs that will queue more runs.

can you lead me to the documentation about dynamo classes?

if you use search I think you’ll find .7 stuff, you can switch the branch to .63 if you’re using that primarily and then manually search the source folder… best way is to download the source as a zip if you’re not familiar with GIT, and then use visual studio or another IDE to search the project the files for what you’re looking for.

Sorry for late reply. Just getting back into Dynamo development after a hiatus (waiting for zero touch to make its way back to Dynamo). I was looking for a node that would pause for x seconds and then pass the data on or something similar. Anything that would allow me to pause the execution for a set amount of time and then just pass the input as is to the output would be fine. Watch folder node would also be welcome. Something that would trigger once a file exists in a folder.

I’m not sure how you could do something on an external event, but you can definitely delay something for X amount of seconds. You just need a tiny bit of python code:







give it a try and see if it helps:



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This very cool script for sleep …however is there any way to sleep only this one process so all other component will run immediately?


@Michal_Dengusiak @Wassim_Jabi
Hi Michal and Wassim,
Have you solved the problem?
I am also interested to execute one process after a time delay (maybe several seconds) yet keep the other components run immediately.

Did you try Core > Thread.Pause ?

Dear Wassim,
Thanks for the advice. I would like to try and hope a surprise.

Dear Wassim,
Sadly, the node did not help me… It paused the whole procedure.
Thanks again for your advice.