Time of a run

hey guys,

i’m searching for a node which gives me the time a run of a dynamo graph needs. any ideas?


looky here: How to time how long a Dynamo script takes to run?

unfortunantly there is only the savings and no time saved. did i miss a setting or something?

You may have an older version installed.

In this case you can use python to pull the system time at the start of the run, and again at the end of the run, subtract the difference and wire that into a watch node or trigger a popup.

I’d post an example but I’m tied up at the moment with a curtain panel exercise… maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to whip something up, but give it a whirl yourself in the meantime.

You don’t have to, you can already use the nodes in Clockwork:



my dynamo is 1.3 so it should be there in the console i guess.
thank you, guys!