Question about repeaters and raking

In the attached adaptive family, I have a sweeping two points family repeated on the divided curve in two parallel reference planes. The model curves are divided into equal numbers so that the vertical swept family remains orthogonal. I have attempted to make the top curve in the raking angle and the moment I do that the vertical members lose their orthogonal state.

Any suggestion to make this work would be fantastic. I know this may not be a directly Dynamo question, but then, I realize fantastic creative minds meet here to solve problems. Thus my hope.

Adaptive Component Raking Attempt

Adaptive Raking Panel.rfa (628 KB)

Is this the result you’re after?
As long as the number of divisions is the same in both curves, the adaptive components should stay ortogonal

Yes! Have you tried to place then in a project environment and create few different lengths? Do they still behave the same way? I mean remain orthogonal?

I just aligned the upper curve to the sloped one and locked to the reference planes.
Also I’m using fixed number so I make sure the divisions are the same.
If you’re using the same fixed distance for the sloped and the horizontal divisions the adaptive panels are going to end up slightly sloped of course.

I got you! Yes I forgot to mention about fixed distance instead of fixed number.