Query wall constraints


First off I am having an issue with the Lunchbox component “Wall Element Collector”, I get the right number of items for walls in Revit project but they are nulls - wonder if I am using the wrong inputs? I’ve tried using the wall types node as well as a string name.

More importantly I was wondering if you are able to query wall constraints, things like base/top constraint and base/top offset data? And then do something with this data and push it back into Revit. Am I able to select all types of a wall and then query that element by name for a parameter?



Query Wall

Is the wall type you are searching for actually placed?

Hi John

Yes - I created a new project, added 6 or so generic walls with different heights and height offsets and purged the Revit file to reduce clutter.

wallmaybe i am missing something.


  1. select walls by category

  2. use Element.Parameters to see the parameters of the category

  3. change value for i.e. base offset, unconnected height …

Yes Peter thank you! That’s exactly what I’m after.

What I am now stuck with is how to select only a single type of wall from the list. From the attached image you can see I’ve managed to check if the sublists contain the string “Type : Generic200 Nominal” to a true / false result. How would I go about summarising this list? So I can use this new True / False as a mask to only select the Generic200 wall types from the wall category?

Query Wall_2

See if what I’ve attached below solves your problem.

Yes thank you Vikram! Exactly what I need thanks!

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