Element set parameter node help please

I thought the hard part was filtering the wall types I want, but it seem that the hardest part is the end stretch.

Can someone please help me interpret the error I am getting:
How do I provide an Element from my list of wall types to the node?

What I want to do is: Go into a model, and select all walls type instances that meet a criteria and change a parameter - this is a QC measure because the designers forget to do it.

The filtered list seems to be the 4 instances in the OTB revit arch sample file.
Thanks in advance,

You are inserting a string of Family.Name

You have to insert a Element

Plug all elements of category in to List filter by bool mask


This means that the whole graph to select certain items it not adequate for this task isn’t it.
is there a way to get the elements that correspond to those instances? I think if I plug that new list in it will work, but I am having a hard time doing that.