Creating a List of Wall Types

I am trying to create a list of wall types that is just of the types not of the instances.

this works to get a list of all the wall elements. I am looking to get a list of just the wall types. if I have 4 walls that has a type mark of P4A and 7 of P8A I want to have a list that only shows P4A AND P8A not a list of 11 wall types.

Oh, Is selecting them an option?

Or are you wanting Types of all placed walls?

what I am trying to do is to be able to select a wall type by level and change the top offset of the wall. I am able to select the level as there are no duplicates but I am unable to select a wall type, not instance.

“Top Offset” isn’t a type parameter, see here how you could set it:

I want to be able to select the wall type, not function, I have tried this and it will offset all of my interior walls and I do not want this to happen as some walls need to go higher or lower depending on type

this is what I have created for this to work, but now I want to be able to choose what level, wall type and offset in a pop-up dialog box

You could consider replacing “Function” by “Type” to filter your walls…

If i’m reading this right, every wall that is P4A should be one top offset and every wall that is P8A should have another, regardless of level or other variable.

  • All elements of category “walls”
  • Get the type of each parameter
  • Group by key to create sublists of the original walls by their type
  • Assign top offset to each group based on the desired value.
    • Use the unique keys to help you decipher what the3 values should be, and then plug the desired values into into the set parameter value by name node accordingly.

Note that you may want to filter out walls which are unconnected or by the unconnected height value being under a certain dimension so as to not risk accidentally extending a partial height wall.

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raising an old post but I have been working with walls lately and the “Top Offset” parameter can crap out a script because it can become read-only on some walls.