Data from rows to columns in excel

Hi guys,

I have exported data out from revit to excel however i would like the data to be in a columns format in excel and not rows i have attached the dyn graph in here if anyone could point me in the right direct please that would be great. 170071-WDK-XX-XX-XX- Room Data Sheet SAMPLE.dyn (26.1 KB)
Testing 1 Excel to Revit SAMPLE.xlsx (156.1 KB)

So what you actually want to do is transpose a table?

You could use “List.Transpose”

yes but its not actually working so some reason i would ideally want parameter names in one column and values on the other i have added list transpose node on the end of the script before exporting it to excel but it showing as rows and its very confusing

Can you show screenshots of what you’ve tried / where you suspect it fails :slight_smile: This will help your dynamo knowledge increase, rather than just getting an answer served on a platter :slight_smile:

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This is what i have so far

First thing first :slight_smile:

You seem to not get any output from your “Element.GetParameterValueByName” node… Since your “List.Create” gives you a null output…

A few ways to go could either be:


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This is amazing am going to try it now and report back :smiley:

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Hi @Jonathan.Olesen after applying that change i have lost the values from the parameters in the code block i have been able to get the parameters in a column however i have now lost the values as its not connected to the element.getparametervaluebyname

is there a node that allows me to still get the values instead of putting them into a code block for example

My guess is that you’re pulling your “parameter values” from your revit project which was what I commented on here:

I seems you’re not really getting your values in the first place…

How did you “get the values” before? this method should not be affected by the addition of the “AddItemToFron” node :slight_smile:

The weird thing is its showing the values from my model through this node but when it gets further down the graph it loses it

Might be related to the “empty” places, these should be replaced with e.g. “N/A”

I can give it a shot if you upload your .rvt file :slight_smile:

Hi @s.rooble

I had a look, and it seems to work ok…

You do have an issue with the names that you’re assigning to your sheets (you’re creating 83 sheets with the same content but names corresponding to your room names).

that’s the same results am getting however i want the top row to be the left hand column


something like this is what i am trying achieve for each tab …

Sorry to be a pain this is taken me a while to sort out

Thought you wanted it in columns but ok :slight_smile:

Is this what you’d like:

Yes and no ideally i would want only 2 columns to be filled on each tab to much with parameters and values