Quasar package - Troubles using ElevationInRoom and CeilingViewByRoom

Hello everyone!
I am pretty new to Dynamo, it had been quite a long way to get the basics but I am getting there :slight_smile: I got a few scripts to work just fine but I am stuck on a script I am trying to put together to speed up our workflow for creating Room Layout Sheets (or Room data Sheets): I used a few nodes from the amazing package “Quasar” in order to get a list of rooms and from there create at once a floor plan, a ceiling plan, a 3D and 4 elevations for each. The 4 nodes from the Quasar package seem very straight forward on this matter, and they look so simple to use that I can’t see what I am doing wrong :frowning:
Here is what my script looks like:

As you can see, every single node create an error, different each time:

  • for floor plans
  • for Reflected Ceiling Plans
  • for axonometry
  • for Elevations

Please see Dropbox link as I can’t post more than one image: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/sfur8rsgdgduaj8/AADKpoLi2Pozwy48jrPKiOw9a?dl=0
Interestingly enough, Axonometries and floor plans are actually created, axonometries work just fine but plans are created some distance away from the actual room.
RCPs are not created at all and the most strange outcome is for the elevations: 2 of them are created second one is at 45 degrees instead of following the X/Y coordinates.
Screenshots also in the Dropbox.
I’ve tried to change many parameters in my Revit file (name of level, create floors and ceilings or not, etc…) and of course I’ve searched for solutions in this forum but couldn’t find something relevant to this. I have also tried with a totally different Revit file, where all nodes were working without errors except the Ceiling one, which could never work :confused:
I have read the Quasar website itself but the nodes look so simple to use that I can’t see much to troubleshoot.
In short, I am stuck, and I would really love if someone got some beginning of ideas on where I am mistaking! Or any link to a previous post that I missed would be great :slight_smile:
Thank you so much in advance!!
Best, Thomas
(sorry, I can’t attach the script, seems the forum does not allow me to, but I’ve put in inside the Dropbox as well)
(Revit 2020.2, Dynamo 2.3, Quasar 2.1.3)

Hi @thomasT53PF

What does the error says?

FYI @jean

Hi guys, thanks for getting back, appreciated!
I couldn’t post more than 1 screenshot, I think this had now been lifted since I spent half the night reading the forum ^^
for floor plans:

for RCP:

for axonometries:

for elevations:

In the meantime, I figured out another way for the elevations, using the RHYTHM packages, I am still working through the other types of views…
Thanks in advance!

Thanks @Kulkul :wink:

Hi @thomasT53PF, good day. Here is what’s happening in your graph.

  • FP & 3D Errors : “same naming error” .
  • RCP Error : “no view to reference” .
  • Elevation Error : “unplaced/incorrect room element” .

Anyway, i recommend you to generate one by one first, and make sure your rooms are placed. I’m working hard on my next update for more reliability and better performance of my nodes which won’t caused/happened errors like these anymore.

You can check some previous discussion here:

Or if you want an alternative solution : TwentyTwo - RoomTools Revit Add-Ins.

Hi @jean, thanks a lot for getting back to me, I really appreciated!
And thanks @Kulkul for your help!
I did read the post you mentioned but I couldn’t get it to work (probably various versions of packages) and I did try to run the 4 nodes one by one (by freezing the 3 others) and the same error occurred. It is kind of random, though, as first on another file (in US units, while mine is in Metric) I didn’t have the errors, and second it is still create some views!
All rooms are placed, I actually created a brand new file with only one level, few walls and 2 rooms, so it is hard to get that wrong :stuck_out_tongue:
And at last, thanks a lot for the Revit add-in, I didn’t know about it and it does almost exactly what I was looking for in a much more friendly-user way. “Almost” as elevations still do not work as you can see here:

I guess it is because of the elevation marker I am using, so I will investigate on this side of things.
It is taking away all the fun though, as I was half-way through creating a completely different script to get what I wanted ^^ (mostly using Archi-Lab and Rhythm). I put it here for future users looking for the same issue and wanting to half solve it as well:
Elevations workflow:

Floor plans and RCP workflows:

Only need to manage the 3D now, I will work on it in the next couple of days.
Again, a huge thank you to you two!!

Hi @thomasT53PF welcome :slight_smile: , glad you can find out a working solution in your own way.

By the way, @jean, I forgot to mention that between the download and the install, Windows throws at least 3 warnings and hide very well the buttons to click in order to allow the install to proceed… Not sure if you can do anything from your end but I wary some users would trust Microsoft more than yourself and cannot use the tool, which would be a shame.

See you around :slight_smile:

hi @thomasT53PF it happened because the add-ins doesn’t have Digital Certificate but no worry, it is 100% safe to use.