Quality Control / Pushing Items Rather Than Extract

Hey Guys,

First and foremost, Hope everyone is staying safe during this crazy period.

Many upon many articles talk about the extraction of data from link files. I was wondering… Can you push data into other models?

I could think of ways of modifying the parameters of files by isolating the exact items and changing the parameters, but my thought is of doing this:

  1. User inserts a CAD file into Revit (yeah I dont like this either)
  2. User then selects the Linked CAD file
  3. User selects ideal Link File and clicks Accept
  4. CAD file is now inserted directly into the Linked File.

This way, CAD files will not be in the main Revit files that we will use for modelings and annotations, but rather linked into a separate Revit file for better performance issues.

Thank you guys and any help would be most appreciated.