Link file from dynamo

What I am intending to do is the following:

Create a File and Link Several Electrical models
Use Dynamo to Export Data from all the linked files into one Excel Sheet
I need to Modify the Excel Sheet and Import the Information Back to the Revit Models.

I know that we can’t write to linked files, so the intention is to open each individual model and import the information relevant to each model from the excel file.

Thank you in advance.

@farz.pittmeadows welcome Use basic write excel node for extracting your data from the model.

Thank you. I have already done the Dynamo but i have several issues:

  1. If i import an electrical equipment on Revit, I can run the Dynamo and am getting all my result on an excel but when i link an IFC or Revit file to a new project, the excel is empty.

  2. I want to modify the Excel and important it to the revit model.

Thank you

If you have a script and have problems with it, please show us the script. Right now you are only telling us what you want and none of are willing to do all the work for you for free.

Thank you for your response but how will i sent it to you as new user can’t upload any file.

You can upload pictures or upload sample files to a third party like dropbox or google drive and paste a link here.

Here the link:

Any update.

Thank you and have a nice rest of your day.


  1. Maybe you overwrite the last excel file with the new data.
    Try to create first the new excel file and then select it as your excel file in Dynamo.
  2. If you want to push data back to Revit, then i recommend to also get the unique id (uuid) of every element. With this id you can write data back to revit (rows with data and id need to stay together).


Thank you a lot. Have a nice day.


Could you solve your problem?


Not exactly, do you have another way?

Thank you.