QR code in Dynamo

I’ve been doing some research into how to best implement QR-code generation in Dynamo. Has anyone on this forum had success with this?

I’ve had some minor success with an Aspose .NET component loaded directly into dynamo, but it’s a trial version and as such will not work over time.

I’ve looked into QR generation via web API, but to no avail. Also tried some Python stuff but I’m not competent enough for sure.
Any tips is highly appreciated!

Hi Jostein,

Could you provide a link to your QR generator library?

I found this one on GH:

After compiling it, I could not load it directly as nodes. However I can still access it just fine through the ironPyton interface. There’s some example code on the GH page that seems to work perfectly:








Hello Sylvester,

You’ll need to compile the source with a compiler of your choice. I suggest VS Community:


If you don’t mind using the one I compiled, I’ll append it below. The source has support for the Unity engine but I’ve stripped that to reduce the size:


I have released a QR node in package manager for anyone interested, QRCodes 0.9.0.
Just a simple generator from strings without any additional options following the “Less is More”-mantra. Quality of QR-code is set to Q.
May be expanded with additonal functionality in the future.