(Possibly) Complex Dynamo Project

I have an idea that I'd like to implement, though I have no formal training in the progamming and database areas. There are multiple parts to this project, and I would value any input anyone can provide.

The first part, I'm essentially looking for a way to populate a database (MySQL currently) with various family parameters of different families and categories. From what I know so far, this can be achieved by creating various schemas. I'd like to break the columns up by Family, Family Type, Part #, Floor, Room, Status, etc. I'm also looking for Dynamo to both read and write to and from this database. So if an end user changes the status via MySQL, it can change dynamically in the project.

The second, is to generate a QR code for each of these items directing the end user to the databse record of the aforementioned item. This would allow them (with a username/password) to view the record and edit certain cells. Essentially giving someone with no working knowledge of Revit, Dynamo, Python, or SQL the ability to update the status of an item live in Revit/Navisworks via web portal.

This may be far fetched, and I may be way out of my element, but I just thought I'd pose my question. Thanks for any help!

Mike Jakes

I think you can use dblink for this. I’ve successfully exported files to access and used it to create various reports on quantities. I know it can be used to export to mysql too. I just don’t know if autodesk is still developing it.

Hi Mike,

Both of these functionalities are already exposed to dynamo through custom packages. Search the package manager for “QRCoder” and “Slingshot! for Dynamo” (tho not sure if Slingshot will work for the latest version of Dynamo).