Python Get ceilings in rooms


I need to get the ceilings inside each room, using python.
I already have a list with the ceilings and another with the rooms.
I tried to generate the geometry and intersect it but it does not work correctly.

Any other idea of how I can do this?


I’d suggest starting here.

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Hello…why not just use a few ootb box node for that task…you cold have many ceilings in rooms and rooms without ceiling…

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I dont want to use package nodes. I need everything in python.

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The GetBoundarySegments method of the SpatialElement class (rooms inherit those methods) should do the trick if your rooms are set to have 3d boundaries enabled (which likely they should).

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Highly recommend installing clockwork and genius loci (and maybe even crumple). All packages in Python, and they have a heap of reference code, they helped me breakaway from packages as well as eventually author Crumple.