Select the ceiling(s) in a room?

Is there a way for a room to detect the ceilings in it?

I want to create a list of the ceilings per room and then use a parameter on the ceilings to build a value for a parameter for the room.

For example, room has two ceilings in it. Get the the first ceiling parameter and then the second and combine the strings with a delimiter and push that string into the corresponding room param.

But, first thing I need to do is build the list of ceilings per room. Haven’t yet found a way for a room to detect the ceilings in it.

Maybe this can help, it a bit different from what you asked cause this one writes room data to the ceilings
but the most important logic is there

Hmmmm…yes. This could work for getting my lists synced up. I’ll check it out.


Keep me posted.
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Problem with GetSurroundingElements node is it returns every ceiling even close to the room. It’s giving me 5 or more ceilings per room. Need to somehow filter to just ceiling that are actually in the room, not all surrounding ceilings. In search of other options! :slight_smile:

Make sure your Room have the correct height, and adjust the Tolerance option in that node
Try making the Tolerance input a slider and set the upper value of the Number Slider node

I’ve run the graph with the tolerance at everything from .0001 to 5. At .0001 I still get 3 or more ceilings. I’m not sure what the tolerance numbers do. I don’t know what the sensitivity is.

My rooms seem to be set at 10’, which is the ceiling height.

ceilingInRoom.dyn (27.5 KB)


Thanks, @Vikram_Subbaiah. That seems to do the trick nicely!

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