Ceiling Height in a Room parameter

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I am kind of stuck here, and was wondering if it is really true, that i am the only one with a problem like this…?

I want to add the “Height Offset From Level” Ceiling parameter value, to a Room parameter. So that I can see it in Room- Schedule, -Tag and be able to do Color Scheme

I am not even sure if this is the right way, but I have been circling around this for some time now…
Ceiling Height - Room_v01

I really Hope someone can point me in a direction, or somehow help me out, as I think the solution can be used in other scenarios as well…


  • Kristian

would this suffice, or are you looking for a way to create ceilings from room boundaries as well?

slet meg

Hi Jostein

No that is not quit it. I have tried that.

It does work, as long as all the Rooms have a Ceiling, and non of the Rooms have two Ceilings, or non ceilings, because then the lists get messed around, and the values will not match the correct Ceiling/Room…

So I am looking to something, that get the Ceilings to recongnize which Room boundary it is whitin, and then write the value to that room…

I hope I explained it alright?!


BTW thanks for the reply…!!

You could get the room geometry, extrude it up based off a random amount, get the ceiling geometry and run a geometry.intersect to see if they clash? if true, run x, if false, run y?

You are 80% there, just need the last few filtering

I think this will do what you want

Set ceiling parameter to room parameter

Hi Sylvester

I am guessing that we are 95% there now.

I get some failures in the Mask-Filter:

Warning: List.FilterByBoolMask operation failed. Specified cast is not valid.
Any ideas?




Hi Sol

If I understand you correct, isn’t this what we have done here?

Hi Kvistgaard

I would say 99% :wink:

You connected the “Element.solids” directly in the “Geometry.DoesIntersect”, you need to run it through the “Flatten” node first

Now we are there 100% - also needed to filter the ceilings, so that the list didnt have to many of one of them, and then put the wrong value…

Thanks alot for you help!!!

Glad to hear it works!

Although i cant see what you at trying to do with the filtering of ceilings, by doing that you are just removing random ceilings based on the true or false value in the “list.map” node ?

@K.Kvistgaard Hi trying something similar… your python script is equivalent to string from object i suppose?

Discussed here. I also demonstrated a method using a raybounce to achieve this.

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