Room ceiling Raybound

There several posts about the same subject, I actually already solved with solid intersection the problems to set the room height to the actual Ceiling height
but I did not like the fact to create fake Geometry to solve it hence I tried to use the raybounce node.
Unfortunately, the help node says it returns objects but I cannot list them, count them compare them it returns null… A screen shot and the de

The definition
RoomwithRaybopunceandCeilingMatching1.dyn (63.8 KB)
Although I did not connect the last wire.
Any thoughts of why it happens?

Hello. When you take a picture using the camera button in Dynamo, you can zoom in until the nodes are legible, then click the camera. It will automatically take a picture of the entire graph using the current zoom level.

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@kennyb6 thanks it was helpful.
SOLVED. I did not connect the View input that is why the node did not worked. Than I created some vectors, get their lengths and wired to the parameters of the room.
I am wandering now if with an imperative instruction - a loop that call each level - the definition could comes handy. Say a Skycraper you do not want to run the definition for each level.

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