Python, Excel and Codeblocks

Hi everybody,
I am a new user of Dynamo.
I am trying to do some tests. What i have in my mind is this:

  1. i would like to use a python script that allow me to open an .xls file, extract some datas from a set of cells (i think i can do it with BUMBLEBEE).
  2. i already create a set of personal nodes (not in phyton, normal blocks codes), and i would like (i don’t know if its possible), when for example the cell value is A, then read the node that i already called A.
    I don’t know if its clear.
    I hope someone can suggets me something or other topics about this issue.
    Thanks in advance.

Hi @Elisabetta_Caterina ,
your request is not very clear… can you share any progress or attempts you made ?

Hi, don’t know if this is what you’re looking for.

  1. You can use both code block or Python to Import Excel File
    see the image below


if you want to read specific data cell
you can refer to this post to achieve.
Reading Excel files via Python script

2) you can first set many custom functions,
and then create a new Pass Function to filter,
and execute them by the specific name using the If Loop.
see the image below.
if the input is “A” or “B”,
then func_A will be called to draw a line, or func_B will be called to draw a circle;
otherwise will draw a point at (0,0,0)


I think it may be achieved by the similar way for Custom Nodes.

the attachments are the sample file.
ExcelandPassTest.dyn (10.1 KB)

ExcelandPassTest1.xls (24.5 KB)


Thank you very much!
it is exactly what i was looking for.
many many thanks

@zefreestijl many thanks again but actually i tried to check if i can convert my BlockCodes as you done.
But i have some problems.
My block is quite complicated. I think i made some syntax errors.
If i use it as Code Block, it works

but if i tried to use it as function, doesn’t work.

And the error is “The string is over-indexed” or something like that.

Actually i am not able to switch the language of the program in English.
@Konrad_K_Sobon I don’t know why but i tried three times to reinstall the program. But nothing, everytime i choose English and everytime is in Italian.
Thank you very much!

Hi @Elisabetta_Caterina

I think the issue here is that you didn’t define the input “i” as a list.
try changing it to : def Fuction2b(i : var[],x,y,z)

I did it and now gave me ERROR ","

can you share your file ?

Data Pedestal.xlsx (21.9 KB)
VRIM_project_2.dyn (28.7 KB)

@Elisabetta_Caterina ok so I actually meant change the way you define the input i in the function .
And you had another problem here : the return value has an uppercase P whereas your variable has a lowercase p… :slight_smile:

If you change those two things it works fine.

You have a couple of lines in your code that don’t serve anypurpose but they don’t generate any error.
And finally, you give yout function a y input variable but set it to 0 inside the function, you may have a problem with that at some point…

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buahahahhaha i knew it was syntax :joy:
Thanks you very much. Four eyes are better than two :sweat_smile:

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glad I could help!

Hello everybody,
i still have some problems :slight_smile: I mean i am trying to use the @zefreestijl method by If Loop.
But my problem is that probably i have too many variables and i still not understand where i have to put them.
I done the Function Blocks with names.
Then i used the FuncPass
Maybe the problem are the too many Variables that i used for any function. Its seems like the FuncPass is not able to Read the 2b element.

The First List (Red One) is the List that i want to use to define the funcion that i want.
From the second list (Blue One) i would like to take informations.

So the thing that i would like to do is this:

Is if you Read 2b then Read the 2b Row and from 2b row take for example i[10] and i[20].

But because i have more than one 2b maybe the Loop is not working.
Many thanks