Excel.Read and Excel.Write

Hi ,

im looking for way to use

Excel.ReadFromFile and Excel.WriteToFile nodes

inside the Python code (including change lacing method)

Can anybody help me?

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Python doesn’t utilize lacing the way Dynamo does. It’s the same but not. You’d be better off asking ‘how do I call excel’s read and write functions via python’ since you’re already stepping outaide the box of typical dynamo. That is: since you want to call a node in a unique way that will entail building some script to make it work right, you may be better off building your own code from examples on how to do this rather than repurposing and calling what’s out of the box in a weird way.

Bumblebee package has some examples on how to structure this type of code - check the github- and the methods are rather well documented in various python and msoffice forums (though you’re gonna have to restructure how you manage inputs and output to a Dynamo python format).


usually when we added the DS Core library, we can use the nodes in the Python, but these nodes I couldn’t use. And i just want to understand why… or me be exist way to do it…
@JacobSmall thanks for anwser … and may be anybody else get me new information about my question…and may be no :slightly_smiling_face:

because these nodes are not in DScore



Thank you !

This code from Excel.ReadFromFile and Excel.WriteToFile nodes or its another similar code?

.csproj its probably code from С# (its was written inside VisualStudio) , doesnt it?

Import DSOffice library:
import DSOffice
from DSOffice import *

DSOffice.Excel.ReadFromFile(frmFil, ‘Output’, False)

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