Please help me to get the Python script

Hello Everyone, this Dynamo graph has a Python node which basically used to read from Excel to set parameters. Please go through this graph and please help me with the Python script.


Looks to me like you could replace it with the Select.ElementById node in Archilab, or the Element.ById node in Clockwork.

Can you show us what is in the python node?

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Hi @jacob.small thanks for the quick response… i am talking about the Python node in the pink color group exactly below the text " write new names".

@jacob.small even i don’t know what is inside the Python node… that is what i am looking for… i got that graph in Google… so that blog has only the image.

Then try the nodes I recommended as they should accomplish what you’re after. You may have to convert data types (string to number, number to string), depending on which node you use and how your data is stored/brought in.

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Thanks @jacob.small I’ll try and will update you.