Publishing Total Apartment Area to Room Tag

Hi all! I was able to tailor a script to calculate both the entire area of an apartment, as well as those areas by occupancy group. What I’m struggling with now, is publishing that information to a shared parameter(s) and room tag. In our case, ‘Einheit’ = Apartment Number, ‘Top_Gesamt Fläche’ is the total area and NF, AF, SF, SF, etc. represent different occupancy types. Einheit is already in the room tag in the image below, any help with the rest of the data would be appreciated!

AI_TOP Nummer.dyn (78.3 KB)

@huzu If your total area parameter is a Text parameter, a set parameter node should work, otherwise either change your parameter type to Text or get rid of the m2 (squared meters) symbol and feed a number to your area parameter.

I suggest trying to convert to a number and store it to a custom area parameter if you can - always best to store data in the most relevant type where you can.

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Thanks, but what I’m struggling with is exactly how to do that. How do I ask Dynamo to read the room for the ‘Einheit’ (Apartment Number) and return the correct ‘Top_Gesamt Fläche’ (total area)? Is it possible to set a ‘set parameter’ node with an if statement?
I feel like I have all the info I need to Dymano, I just don’t know how to get it back into Revit and need a little hand holding over the finish line.
Again, any help is appreciated!