Room Tag with Total Apartment Area

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I’m looking for some help with the final stages of my script. I would like the total area of an apartment to be published into a room tag. I’ve managed to calculate the total area of each apartment, but I can’t seem to get that calculated value parameter to read the ‘Apartment Number’ parameter of the room and apply the correct ‘Total Area’ tag to that. I seem to not be feeding the right data into the ‘Set Parameter’ node. In my example, Apartment Number=Einheit and Total Area=Top_Gesamt Fläche. Both are shared parameters. Any help is appreciated!

AI_TOP Nummer_Help.dyn (90.1 KB)

Something like this?

I group my apartments by name first. Then i get the sum off all the Rooms. Lastly i use a Room as a ‘container’ to store the total for an apartment (in this case Room 1).


hi huzu,

one question appears to me: Is your Top_Gesamt Fläche also defined as an Instance-parameter? I am just guessing: Looks like that TOP can be filled with data, but your Top_Gesamt Fläche can’t. Maybe that’s the reason why it receives no data. What do you think? Am I entirely wrong?

See my script. As a datastore, I used the “Gesamtfläche” as a shared parameter and put it in an Annotation family (Allgemeine Beschriftungsfamile).

Summe Appartmentsflächen.dyn (21.0 KB)

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Thank you so much! I knew I was overcomplicating it! Next step is picking out the total area of the exterior and sanitary parts of the apartment.

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