Room Tag with Occupancy-revisited

Occupancy LoadDynamo Occupancy LoadTrying to get this to run, so it will populate a custom Room Tag with Calculated Value for Occupancy based on Occupancy Load Factor. I attached a screenshot and the .dyn file. Errors out at Math.Ceiling “Null value cannot be cast to Double” and Element.SetParameterByName “No parameter found by that name.” The Revit file does have a Project Parameter named Occupancy Load. Also, I’m assuming the custom Room Tag would need Labels with Parameters for Area, Occupancy Load Factor and Occupancy Load.

Hi Cliff,

Your assumption is absolutely right and also the project parameter should be shared parameter. See if you can solve this. If you can’t just drop rvt dummy file here so that we can provide you solution. Good Luck!

Thanks–got it working. The Revit file had a mixture of Project and Shared Parameters.

Changed all to Shared Parameters and it works. The value for Occupancy Load now populates the Room Tag based on the Formula in the Calculated Value.

However–there is a big problem:

I have to run the Dynamo script each time a change is made in Revit which affects Room Area. This could lead to critical errors

in calculations of Occupancy Loads for Building Code Review.

Is there a way to make the Dynamo script update automatically?

( Rant, not directed at Dynamo users: After 15 years of using Revit, I still can’t believe that calculating Occ. Load from Room Area and Load factor is so difficult!)