Property line xyz coordinates list


Newbie in dynamo!

How can I get a schedule of xyz coordinates of a property line in Revit?


  • Use “Element Types” node set to “PropertyLine”
  • Collect all property lines using “All Elements of Type” node
  • “Element.Geometry” will give you the geometric representation of the property lines
  • “Curve.StartPoint” will give you point coordinates for each line

Thank you very much!

Note that this will report the coordinates relative to the internal origin.
Depending how your model is set up (project base point, survey point etc) this will not necessarily correspond to that reported by a spot coordinate i.e northing/easting


Is there also a way to export the XYZ data to a schedule inside revit?

Thanks again

Although you can create a ‘property line segment’ schedule- I can’t see an easy way to include the coordinates of the segments.

Each segment does have parameters (such as comments or mark) it seems that you can only edit these in a schedule- and not push data into these parameters with Dynamo. Someone else on this forum will possibly know how to do this with the API.

As a crude method- you could drop a marker onto each point, and then schedule that

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