Draw property line with excel data

transformation and placement from X/Y coordinates into polar coordinateds and creatiion of property lines is the goal.
I am using Dynamo 1.2 and revit 2017.

I have x/y in Excel.
I wanted to draw property line into Revit with those data.

First I read the data
than translate into a well defined point as origin.
Than I was trying to rewrite the excel data.

than doing an operation to transform into polar coordinates since Revit accept only those for property lines.
Unfortunately I got the “Null value cannot be cast to Int32.”
Do I have tro transform into string the data before writing to Excel?
TransformCoordinateintoPolarCoordinates.dyn (27.4 KB)

We can’t read your nodes or follow your graph. Zoom in to a legiblenpoint and use a camera export - top right corner of the dynamo window - so we can see what you’re up against.

For what ya worth, why not draw the lines via dynamo instead or moving them to excel?

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Thanks, it seems a great idea to just draw the line directly.
I was attracted to use the table that Revit allow to use for property lines.
I did it and it worked ok. Model lines only than propety lines on top of those.

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Glad it worked out. If I get time I will try and coordinate the polar coordinates method as I see value in that type of data extraction. Don’t wait though - this may not happen until after my vacation in two weeks.