Properties for dynamo routine

Good morning.
I would like to know how I can give properties to an element made by means of a routine with dynamo, since I want to see the volume, type of family, length, etc., thank you if you can help me with this information.


Create your “form” in a generic modell!
you can switch to any category and set types!

I would avoid to make a projectfamiliy. The can`t be driven like a loadable family!



Friend, thank you very much for the answer, but if you look at the image, it is not enabled what you mention, in the same way if I do not have the element selected.

The question would be, how can I give these properties from dynamo, asiganerle type, volume and that I appear in the properties, this element is assigned a category of soil, but when searching in the tables of quantification, I do not relate anything of this category, how could I do it?