Add family properties with dynamo

Good morning:
I am making a script in which I insert a generic model in revit (I have achieved this), but I want to add some properties that come out of an excel (I get it to read the excel, and I separate the information into lists), but I think I am wrong insert it inLOI - Importa Exel y añade propiedades al elemento seleccionado.dyn (46.0 KB) LOI Falso Túnel V.Principal - Boca Sur.xlsx (14.9 KB) LOI nivel obra.xlsx (18.7 KB) to the family. Does anyone have any solution?

post a better screenshot (use the camera icon in Dynamo)

Approximately 50% of the posts on this forum relate to reading or writing data to/from Excel, so I’d suggest searching for something like “parameters from Excel”