Projecting surfaces from vertical to horizontal plan

Helo everyone!

I am new to dynamo and I am working on a project with a lot of buildings which requier me to create these so called ‘shadow distances’. Basically I am trying to project an elevation to the ground surface (the height of the elevation has to be multiplied with 0.4)

After some research I did manage to get the vertical surfaces to project on the horizontal one but not as I would like to. The idea is to have each surface project perpendicularly from itself on the horizontal plan (like in the 3rd picture).

Any suggestion would be really apreciated.


Hi @BearVV ,
take a look at these topics:

Thanks for the reply Mostafa!

The 2nd example is great, and it’s something similar to what I want to achieve, the only difference is I would like each of the cubes side surfaces to project perpendicularly to its own surface. Something like in the 3rd picture I sketched.

I’ve been thinking of vectors that get generated from each surface and start perpendicularly off of each of them. This way it will be possible to link that to the projection direction, I believe.

Need to research some more to see how it can be done…


Here is an example of vectors going off perpendicularly from each surface. The only down side is that it’s in grasshopper and I’m not sure if you can do it in dynamo.

Hi @BearVV,

Below is my attempt at offsetting the geometry without offsetting a surface:

Its worth noting this will only work if the height (or ‘a’ in your 3rd sketch) is constant - otherwise it will return multiple curves at different offsets.

You should be able to build any further geometry with the points from the ‘Exploded’ Curve and the end point of the curve.

Hope this helps!