Projection to a cylinder

I found the following article trying to project on a cylinder.

What I want to do is to make the length around the cylinder and the length of the geometry on the plane
I’d like to make a perfect fit.
I would like to see my results. Margins will be created.
I would like to ask if there is any advice. Thank you.
The sample is loading dwg in dynamo studio.
Is it necessary to rebuild with revit?426.dyn (19.3 KB)

Drawing2.dwg (827.8 KB)

I also tried another method.
The points worked well, but how do we do circles etc. in this way? I hope to be able to project the geometry if possible, is it possible?

てん.dyn (14.5 KB)

@maro Here is a segmented approximation, not a projection…

wrap1.dyn (29.8 KB)

The above solution, links your dwg in Revit
But you should be able to follow a similar approach in Dynamo Studio.