Project or shared parameter creation in system families

Hi all,
Parameters can be easily created in family environment except system families so far i know. In family environment any dimension could be labeled with a parameter. But I like to create parameters for system families like in stairs, walls etc in project environment. Such as in editing mode of stairs, i like to make dimensions in stair parts those that are not available in system parameters and like to bind those dims for required parameters. Is there any way to do this with the help of dynamo and will Revit creators think about it as well could be the system parameters renamed for a particular project?

Sounds like you just requested global parameters, which were added last year and allow for this level of flexibility.

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@JacobSmall hi jacob thanks…i was not aware of global…probably it might fulfill to a extent but it cannot be assigned to any category, so am not sure. Further probably it might not be shared, so i need to check the consequences.