Rule of thumb for parameters questionnaire


We have all sorts of parameters in Revit which we can access/use with Dynamo also.
Do you have a rule of thumb for creating parameters by type eg.

  1. project parameter
  2. family parameter
  3. global parameter
  4. shared project parameter
  5. shared family parameter
    (did i leave out any?)

and mainly what defines your choice for any of the above?

looking forward to an interesting dicussion,

To throw the cat among the pigeons

I use family parameters for driving geometry only, all additional data parameters are shared project parameters set to the category the family belongs to.

For me there is no difference between shared project and shared family. Am I wrong?

I use shared only when they have to be reported (tag or schedules) or when I now I am going to edit them from the project in several families (usually instance parameters), eg. If I want to be able to change the elevation from several windows, it needs to be a shared parameter, in order to be able to adjust them at once.

I use global parameters rarely, but I feel I should use it ofter. I use it for material, when I am not sure about but I now they will have all the same, like stairs runs. It could also be uses in the last example (windows elevation).

I use family parameter for anything that doesn’t NEED to be shared no matter if it is geometry or not.

I almost never use a project parameter that is not a shared parameter.

You could add to your list “Project Information”