Add parameters to family instance


Is is possible to add a list of parameters to a Revit family using Dynamo? It would be even better if these were from a shared parameter list but not essential…





This is something i was trying to do a while ago. There are quite a lot of solutions on the forums.

See this thread which got it working perfect for me:

Go with Konrads link (2nd comment on the post)

In the code block. The first line is all the shared parameters you want to add (separated by commas), second line is their shared parameter group name, third line is the index number (from the list created by the “Parameter Types” node), 4th line is the visibility state of each parameter (true/false), 5th line is the index number (from the “Parameter Groups” node) and last line is determining weather the parameter is an instance or type (True = Instance, False = Type)

Youll need to install the “Archi_Lab” package if you dont have it to get the “Parameter Types” “Parameter Groups” and the “Add Shared Parameter to Project” nodes

Here is another link. This is for a list of elements with a list of parameters to change.



Hi Alisder, does this work for adding parameters to families or only for Project Parameters? In this instance I’m looking for the former.


Apologies, i didnt read your question properly xD

That definition is for adding Shared/Project parameters to a Project file. Im not sure how you would go about adding Driving parameters to a Family file, i will leave that one for the greater minds to answer :slight_smile:


Hi Keith, it is possible to change the family parameters (including adding/deleting/modifying parameter types) using the FamilyManager method in the Revit API Nathan Miller has a few examples of using the Family Manager method on his wiki: The problem with this approach is that it requires you to be inside a family file rather than a project file. I have yet to see an example allowing one to access a family file from a project file. Would love it if someone had a workaround.

Thanks Bo,

Being in the family isn’t a problem, I’ll explain what I need to do and why a bit better…

I have a range of additional parameters that I want added to all our new families, some shared others just standard. Additionally I’d like to be able add in a selection of the NBS shared parameters. Ideally I’d like to have these added to the template file but sadly Autodesk don’t allow us to do that.

I thought a dynamo script would be an ideal way to do this - open the family, run the script to add the parameters and then off you go…


Have you found a solution? I am looking for the same answer.
I have a list of parameters in an Excel file and I would like to add them into different families that are inside a project.

Plain and simple.

Can some one show me how to add one parameter, from a String, into one family?
Not using the Add Shared Parameter to Projetc. I don`t want to add the parameters to the project, only the family.

Thank you all!


Alas no. I’ve not really seen anything with Dynamo working specifically in the family editor but to be honest i’ve not looked at this again.


I believe we already had a similar discussion. Have a look here:

and here:


@Dimitar_Venkov @Keith_Wilkinson1 I am not sure if this has been solved yet. I may be missing something, but all this is trying to achieve is transferring any parameter from one family to a new created one. I want to transfer all Instance and Type parameters from previously created doors to a new door that I have made. These are not all shared parameters. I am new to my office and trying to standardize families, but it’s hard when some families were made with some parameters and others not. I want to have both doors in the same file, run the script, and dynamo transfer all missing parameters from ‘Door A’ to ‘Door B’. I can’t find this anywhere on this forum

How does Konrad get his Parameter Type and Parameter Group Nodes? Does he just enter the code into a Python Script node?