Add shared Parameters to Revit Projectfamilies and "Basics" Families

Hi everyone, i’m trying to add shared parameters to projectfamilies and “basics” families (for example Walls, Slabs, etc.). I created a shared parameters file with differents parameters. I defined some of them in a Excel Sheet. This is only those few parameters that I want to add to a specific projectfamily / “basic family” (each family has different parameters: for example: specific parameters for Walls and other specific parameters for slabs).

I already created a script to add shared parameters to *.rfa families. This script works. However the node I have used works only for family files *.rfa and not for project families.


I made researches on this forum and try to find other nodes I could use but I didn’t find a solution. I tried for example with “Parameter.AddSharedParameterToFamily” and with others nodes and packages, for example:


Is it also possible to add user defined shared parameters to projectfamilies and “basics” families ? Does it works with user defined python scripts or does a package/node actually exist ?

Thanks in advance for the help.

You’ll have to create a project parameter for system families. Try using Parameter.CreateProjectParameter.

This post has a lot of potential to learn to add shared parameters to the families

Thank you for your Answer. With this node I can add shared parameters to categories in Revit (Doors, Slab, generic Model etc.) and it works! However the difficulty with the families I have too use is that each family has specifics parameters.
For example in the category “generic Model” (Allgemeines Modell) there are differents projectfamilies (for example: Test01 and Test02). When I use the node “parameter.CreateProjectParameter” I can only choose the whole categorie and all objects of both families are selected and I only want for example to select the family Test01 which is defined as a generic Modell and not all the families defined as generic model.

Is it possible to choose the family instead of choosing the whole category in order to add specific shared parameters only to the family “Test01” and other specific parameters only to Test02 ?

Thanks a lot.

Thank you for sharing this post. I will read it and try to find a solution to this problem.

The only way to add parameters to system families is with a project parameter. If you need to apply different parameters to different loadable families then you can either apply them all via project parameters and use only what you need OR you’ll have to open each family and add the parameters individually.

Thank you for your answer. Is it also possible to add different parameters to different system families within the same category ?

As I said before, the only way to add parameters to system families is via project parameters. There is nowhere else to add a parameter since they are not loadable. Project parameters are applied to entire categories. So, no, as far as I’m aware, there is no way to add specific parameters to specific system family types.