Project Browser Organization

Hi, I create a script that apply a value to 2no. parameters on my views that I use to organize the project browser. It’s working fine, but when I have those parameters locked in the view template it doesn’t work.

Is there a way that I could override those even when they are locked in the view template?


We’ll need more information and to see what you have so far. Are you saying that when those parameters are defined by a template they don’t sort correctly in the browser or they just don’t update?

Obviously you can’t overwrite a value that’s controlled by a template, but you can change that value in the template itself.

So, currently we have a way to organize the project browser. But we want to do it in differently.
The script I create is roughly this one bellow. I’ll just change the parameter value to the proper one.

I know that I can change the parameters in the view templates, the problem is that we have quite few in the model and will take some time to update them, so that’s why I was wondering if I could override the parameter value even if the parameter is locked in the view template

You can’t overwrite the value of a view that’s controlled by a template. That’s the whole point. You would have to change the value of the template. Which you can do in Dynamo.

Instead of removing the view templates from your list, include logic for them as well so they are correct.

Ok, got it. I’m quite fresh on dynamo. Any tips of how to do it?

Exactly what you’re doing. View templates are View objects just like views so they work the same way.

yeap, that make sense now. It worked.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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