Editing View Parameters using a Revit Schedule + Dynamo

Hey there! I’m a complet noob with Dynamo, so sorry if I ask something very obvious, but well the intention is to learn.

I’m about to begin to put some order in our project after some 2.5 Years of Work, we have a very well managed project, but in the rush of preparing Views for the different studies we ended with a lot of Views that are in Sheets but not in an appropriate place accordingly to our methodology, so my plan is to create a “neutral” View Template that write the important Parameters (W_Viewsorting, W_Viewsorting_2 and W_View_Type) but I want to skip the part where I select each view manually and change the View Template.

So, my guess is that I can read the Schedule in Dynamo and use the note “Set Parameter by Name” to change the View Template and rewrite this info in Revit.

Somebody can show me the way to get into this?

Get all Views in your project (View Templates are categorized as Views) then filtered out the ones that are actually templates. Compare the view names to the views you have listed in your schedule and then do the same thing for the templates.