Set View Template

I’m trying to make levels and then put on some specific view templates, but i get a warning when i try to put on view templates.
How can change the list content to a string??


Hi, can you please attach the complete graph with visible previews?

I can upload the file, in total. Can you use that?
If zoom out, you can’t see the titles on the nodes.
Views & Levels.dyn (313.3 KB)

The problem is you are feeding the SetParameterByName node a “string” for the Value whem you need it to be an element. You will have to filter or supply the actual View Template, not just the name of it for this to work.


a viewtemplate is a revit element (view in this case) with its associated id (green with a number in previews in dynamo)
try make a list with the green stuff showing up
feed those in the set parameterbyname node
(@SeanP beat me, he was first)

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I get another problem with that “View Templates” node, that every time i want to run the script, i need to open dynamo to make sure it has not changed the value in the node.
That will not work for my.

I asked for help, with that in this:

It’s from this i got the idear to do it like this.

Where is this list coming from? These are the View Templates you want to use correct?


Yes it is.

You can use the View.ApplyViewTemplate from SteamNodes package to do this with the string.


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That do not work, it don’t bring up any warnings, but it do not put on view templates. I have to try to sort out the view templates another way.

use watch nodes everywhere to see if there is any green there

I’m currently working on another way, so i keep the green numbers. :slight_smile:

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