Setting View Template to Views


I’m Making a script that first makes a bunch of sheets and views and then put the view on the sheets.

The Sheet part is working…

However coming to the view part, I have made the views however I can’t apply a view template to the view, I have tried by both changing the parameters ( Doesn’t work as not as parameter is not in string form!) and using the node change view template. Both are not working.

The way I have it set up right now, is in the excel doc I assign the template; then I want to find a way to turn that into a template.

I also have tried the Archi Node, but my Dynamo is now 1.3 and that node is too out dated for it :frowning:
Here is the script image is below.

Edit: Image not showing too well, so attached the file below

Sheet_Creator_0.1a.dyn (114.4 KB)


Have you tried View.ApplyViewTemplate from SteamNodes?


I worked around it by putting the template element into the parameter value instead on the string.



Can you shear with your solution. I am wasting my time and struggling with that right now.


Sorry for the delay, been busy recently and it fell to the back of my mind.

Below is an example of the set-up, it is very basic, it would need some formating to get the right templates into the right views.

the templates are Elements with parameters and information about them, so I get the view and change the view template parameter to a different view template, what I was doing before is inputting the name of the template instead of the template element.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Template Example

Hi Joe,

Thanks for sharing the graph.

But I can’t see this node under Synthetic Package.Package Version installed : 1.3.170921 Synthetic

Anyone have any hint…


May be it is a bit of late reply but I got a run around without using the Archi-lab node which is now available for 2021 only.

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That’s pretty neat. But how can I differentiate between a regular view and a view template to feed into the parameter value?

I created a small group that will take the view template name or part of name (or a list of names- in the attached case imported from excel), and returns the view template element that could be used to feed Element.setparameterby name. It will be easier to create a custom node out of it, but since I am still learning I prefer to keep things expanded.
There are also two packages that work with 2020 and can get the template name a bit easier for a single template (see image 2 and 3). But I prefer to use basic Dynamo nodes at this stage of learning.

extract from existing view

I am having similar issues. I am trying to assign a view template to a filtered list of views. I have the filtered list feeding the Set Parameter my name, got View Template set as the name and Synthetic Get view template by name feeding the template. Still getting Dereferencing Non-pointer error. I searched for null and all the views appear to have valid names the template is valid. Any ideas?

apply template to plans.dyn (13.4 KB)

Use this node from mostafa el ayoubi’s package!


Let us know if it worked.