Coordinate.surveypoint not giving the correct coordinates

Hi All

I have a script that I wrote for scheduling coordinates. The file that I originally wrote it in worked fine. However, I have now used it for a something that I am doing (a different Revit project file) and I am getting some strange figures from the Survey.point node. I am bit stumped. The two projects coordinate systems are set up in a similar way. The project base point is at 0,0,0 and the survey point is at a location closer to the building, as is the internal origin. I did wonder if it could be a rotation thing as I do have project north, but I am not sure about that.

As usual guys your expertise is greatly appreciated.

Also, if I cant respond to any comments straight away apologies for that. I will get back though

Screenshot 2021-08-13 at 20.31.53
Screenshot 2021-08-13 at 20.32.30

Sorry, Just realised I wrote that wrong. Its the Survey point thats at 0,0,0