Problems with "StructuralFraming.ColumnByCurve"

Hello everyone

I am creating circular columns in Revit through polylines. The Dynamo sequence shows a warning on the “StructuralFraming.ColumnByCurve” node and not complete the creation of the element in Revit. I have problems to solve.

Nodes sequence was provided by Jeff Shaver I through this community. Thanks Jeff.

Please your help.






My apologies if the image from my other post was unclear I realize now the format makes it difficult to read the node paths.

It looks like the “CoordinateSystem.ByOrigin” node in your definition is setting the column height to the Y axis, this should point to the Z, while X and Y remain 0. (assuming columns are exactly vertical)

You get a hint of this if you notice the geometry preview in your background shows the curve flat instead of vertical.

2015-01-22 - DynamoBim - Post01



You’re right. The connection of the variable “z” is incorrect. Corrected and now works fine. Is it possible that this sequence of nodes can operate for rectangular columns ?.

In Revit I use the unit meters and Dynamo I have configured “Leght Display Unit” in meters, but the Revit elements are created in feet. What could be the problem?