Creating column geometry leaves curves after deletion

Hey guys,

I am new to Dynamo, so I have a fairly limited understanding of its workflow, but I am fairly experienced with coding, so it seems to have cut down the learning curve.

I have created a code sequence which is creating structural columns, based on a grid of points. The StructuralFraming.ColumnsByCurve node requires the columns to be defined according to a curve. To create the curve, I defined two point grids which are offset by an inputted amount. I then create lines between the two grids, which then is passed into the StructuralFraming.ColumnsByCurve node to create the columns.

It works as intended, creating my columns accordingly.

I have run into an issue however. Once I create the columns through the code, in Revit, if I then chose to delete the columns after I close the Dynamo dialogue, I am left with the lines the columns are defined by. I am unable to delete them or interact with them in any way. An example is below:

The only remedy I have found is to save the revit project, close it, then re-open it. From there, the blue lines are not there anymore.

To solve this issue, in Dynamo, is there a way to simply not have the lines visible? In other words, to simply treat the lines as an abstract mathematical basis for the definition of the columns rather than drawing them? Or are there any other solutions I could employ?


As I am new, I can only post one photo per post. So here is the sample of the code:

This is just a dynamo geometry preview and it should disappear if you close dynamo

Thanks for the quick reply!

It was getting especially messy once I ran the code more than once, because it would create a seemingly unending series of lines.