Problems with extrusion/thicken

I am creating a ring of tiles, like to be used inside tunnels.
I created the arcs of each segment of tiles. I created a copy and translated a width. then I united the two circles at the arc points. In particular, there are two lines that are not straight becasue the idea is to make a 3D trapezoid (a key in tunneling).

I created a surface between the circles, and then I splitted the surface created with the lines. Finally, I thickend the surfaces. Everthing is OK but the part of the diagonal lines! Hence the trapezoids did not go to 3D.

Any idea how I can do this, maybe another way or with another node? It is important to be able to generate that piece.

Yo can see in the piture that al the solids are divided except in that zone, that the lines stayed where they are.


maybe you can split by plane

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Yeah! I ended up using that and it worked perfect

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