Problems making a solid from 2 surfaces


I’ve been trying to make a solid between 2 surfaces parallel to each other. I’ve tried Solid.ByLoft and Solid.ByJoinedSurfaces. Can anyone help me please?


We don’t have tools to create solids by sweeping surfaces, but it’s a good point that we are lacking those. But since you just have an extrusion, try just Surface.Thicken.


Surface.Thicken doesn’t work because the section is not constant…

Try extracting the perimeter curves from your surfaces and lofting them together. Not sure if this is going to work with your surface topology . . . as it has a hole in the middle and will have 2 closed loops per surface

2015-02-21_1719 2015-02-21_1704

Hi Zach Kron, i’ve tried your solution and gave me this error :

Warning: Solid.ByLoft operation failed.
Unable to loft! : RBI_INTERNAL – internal failure
Solid.ByLoft operation failed.
Unable to loft! : TOO_FEW_COEDGE_LISTS – Too few distinct profiles where supplied

Marques, can you share your dyn file or a representative piece of it?

Hello Marques,

If your two surfaces have the same number of curves, maybe you could loft between each set of curves and use “Solid.ByJoinedSurfaces” to combine the resulting surfaces?


Hello Marques,

I have just uploaded “LoftWithHole” Custom Node to Package Manger.

Pass your bottom and top curves (by extracting it from Surface, as shown by Dimitar) and this will create Loft between bottom and top with hole in it.




Ritesh, your custom node solved my problem. Thanks a lot!!!