Create extruded surfaces with an angle

Dear all.
I am hopelessly trying to extrude edges with a release angle. I managed to extrude edges in whatever direction I want to but I am trying to open or close this extrusion.
I tried to

  • duplicate the curves of the extrusion and scale them or offset them
  • offsetting the surfaces
    -create a plane from the extrusion and rotate each surface from that plane but it only works for planar surfaces.

the offset gives me the closest result but the curves are not meeting, they needs to be extended/ trimmed and moved up and down

Does anybody had to face the same issue before or has another idea I could try?
Thank you.

Can you show some images of what you tried, and a sketch showing what you are after?

I tried to make it the easiest to understand.
Right now, I can have this AB surface if I only focus edge by edge.
My problem is the edges of all my offset surfaces don’t meet. so I am unable to create “closed curves”

Try this:

  1. Create a polycurve of your curves you wish to loft.
  2. Translate that curve along the Z axis by yourHeight.
  3. Offset that curve by (-1) * Math.Tan(30) * yourHeight.
  4. Solid.ByLoft between the original polycurve (step 1) and the offset curve (step 3).
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That’s definitely something I didn’t try before.
My curves are not planar so I can’t offset them,

Just seeing you work at Autodesk, if that can help, I’m trying to reproduce the Draft tool from Alias.

I’m not an alias guy, so that doesn’t help much. Are you running this via Dynamo for Alias? Can you share the geometry? I can’t look until the new year but if it’s here then the community can think about what it is you’re after.

Alright, so I have shared my Alias file, the image underneath give visual explanation of what I am doing and trying to achieve. I use this file because I will have to reproduce the same principle on more complex cases in the future, like full sentences on a very crowned surfaces and this example takes in consideration crowned surfaces, non-planar and complex curves

Merry Xmas to all of you!

draft trial.wire (75.0 KB)

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Is there any progress on this topic? I am a Autodesk Alias user and I thought this is a very common and practical for us Alias guys… both in design point of view and engineering molding requirements, In grasshopper, I did with a script which quotes the extrude command from Rhino.