Problems with duplicate sheets of bimorph

Hello everyone.
For quite some time I have been using “DUPLICATESHEETS” of BIMORPH with very good result.
But now I do not know what happens, since I get to duplicate the plane but not the views. Sometimes, even, it does not flatter the plane.
Even typing the example file from Bimorph’s website gives me the same problem. Attachment capture.
I now use Revit 2018.1, Dynamo 1.3 and BIMorph 2.08
Thank you

Looks like it needs update to work with 2018 & 2018.1.

CC: @Thomas_Mahon

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But with revit 2018 the same thing happened to me.

@smorapiz The node is compatible with 2018.1 so you need to explain your problem clearly, describe the steps you’ve taken that cause the problem and provide some screenshots. Can you also upload a simplified graph and a small test RVT with 1 sheet and view which triggers the problem.

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