Script Duplicate Sheets does not work in Revit 2018


My duplicate sheets script works in Revit 2017 en below, but the same script does not work in Revit 2018.2. I can not found the problem. I made a new script in revit 2018–> Dynamo version 1.3.2 and also in Dynamo 2.0.1, but nothing works.
When I run the script in Revit 2018.2 some sheets it won’t duplicate and some sheets it duplicates only the sheet or one view on it. Is this a problem of Revit 2018.2? Or does someone know how to fix this? In older revit versions it works prefect!


Could you post an example revit file + the dyn script? i could check if it does work for me.

I’m new here, so I can’t attach something yet. But it’s a simple script, you can make it by yourself. But I don’t think the same script will work at another place, because there is a bug in revit 2018 I think.

Post to another file sharing service like google drive, Dropbox, etc.

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@onursener1990 I cant reproduce your exception. Can you check the obvious, like if the schedule view name you are querying exists in your 2018 file? If its not that then send a simple Revit sample file which consistently reproduces the exception and I can see whats causing it, not unless the other contributors on this thread have already established the cause of the problem.

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