Problems trying to filter specify width from rooms

Hello all,

Im not really experienced in dynamo so for one of my next projects, I’m trying to filter a specific room in Revit/dynamo. my idea is that rooms that are less than 1800mm width or long or are less than 5m² get an graphic override in my active view.

Right now i have 2 seperate lines of coding.

  • Green = works pretty good, filters rooms that have an area less than 5 m²
  • Orange = me trying to understand how to filter the width and length of rooms. (need some help with that)…

I hope there is someone in this forum who can help me with my coding… Feel free to provide me with some advice.

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This should help steer you on the right track: Room angle with bounding box, cuboid - #11 by jacob.small

Thanks, Jacob for that great advice,

I did the same as in your post. but I’m struggling to filter the lengths with the specific room.

This is what i have right now…
Berging filter.dyn (87.7 KB)

I’m out sick and don’t have access to a computer at the moment, can you expand your data previews, zoom tight to one node, and use the export canvas as image feature (looks like a camera button in the top right) so that I can see where you’ve gotten to?

Hope you are getting to feeling better soon,

In the picture below I’m trying to filter all the rooms with a width of less than 1800mm, I already got the List.FilterByBoolmask setup that filters the length that is less than the 1800mm given.

I’m stuck on how I get that list from the FilterByBoolMask to correspond to the fitting room.

See the picture below.

Okaay i feel stupid, i think i made it work…

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