Filter Curtain wall panel by height

Hi all,

I’m trying to select CW panel with a specific height in Revit without clicking them individually. Is there a way to do so in Revit or Dynamo?



I dont have any CW to hand so I did an example for pipes.

Simply put, First I select all the pipes in Revit, then I look at the Length value. I Then filter out all the pipes I dont want :slight_smile:

see below

Hi Joe,

Thanks for the illustration. i can’t sem to find the Math.Round command.

The math.round command was only needed as the lengths were coming out to a high degree of accuracy (e.g 10.12312412312312…)

I believe the math.round node comes with Dynamo. If not download the clockwork package and use the one shown in picture below.


If you’re all new to the world of Dynamo you should start by reading the dynamo primer to understand the general searching and functions of Dynamo :slight_smile:

I managed to work out my curtain wall filters, thanks for the illustration, it was very helpful.
I’m now trying to insert a specific panel into the selection. I had it worked out like this but obviously it’s wrong. Any suggestions?

Its really not an amount you’re inputting, you could use list.count to get the amount

I figured it out. Thanks Jonathan and Joe.