Creating Solid/Surface From 2 Circles

Hi, I’m new at Dynamo and got a question.

I am having a problem about creating a solid/surface from 2 different radius circles. Is there any way to do it? I tried to list.create and making solid but it doesn’t worked. I will be glad if you help.

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To make a circle into a surface use Curve.Patch
To make a solid use Solid.ByLoft

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Thanks. I used same thing but I guess I am having this trouble because there are many circles. I expected that using line as a guide will solve the problem but it didn’t.

So it giving the error of Unable to loft! : BAD_UV_SKIN_DIR – Surface U and V derivatives are in the same or opposite direction.

Thank you @Marcel_Rijsmus :slight_smile:

I you can attach a picture of the script, there are lots of people here that would want to dive in and help you.

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Attractor.dyn (49.5 KB)

So, here is the complete script and dyn file.

Dont mind the bottom warning, i was trying to find a way to do it. @Marcel_Rijsmus thanks again.

Edit: I removed other circles. So, just 1 pair of it left. It still giving the Warning: Solid.ByLoft operation failed. Unable to set the sections or the centerline! : TOO_FEW_COEDGE_LISTS – Too few distinct profiles where supplied error.

Edit2: I’m really getting confused. I took out “sequence” command. and solid.byloft worked for 1 pair of circles.

Try to rearrange your lists
now you have this

Make it into 2 (corresponding per solid) circles in a list, and 1 line per list (the line that connects both circles).

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Hi @canberkkavuncuoglu

Transpose your circles lists along with Flatten to create loft:

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thanks @Kulkul and @Marcel_Rijsmus. It worked great. Since I’m a newbie, i didn’t heard of transpose node. Thank you!!