Loft between two surfaces imported from polyline DWG


I have imported two PolyCurves from Autocad. With Surface.ByPatch I created a bottom and top surface. I created the lines by sorting the points in the X, Y and Z direction using Line.ByStartPointEndPoint.

Now my question is, I want to create vertical surfaces all around the box. My first try is to loft between the two horizontal surfaces. This did not work because Surface.ByLoft only seems to accept Geometry Curves?

I tried deconstructing the PolyCurve into several Curves. I don’t understand the error this is giving. It seems something is wrong with my Surfaces and Curves.

I’ve been reading this topic which is quite similar to my problem but it seems to be solved with a Mesh. I don’t know if it’s possible to convert imported DWG selected model elements to a mesh. Or maybe there is a whole other solution to my problem. Mainly trying to create vertical surfaces along the perimeter of the bottom and top surface.


Hope it works…

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Nice and simple solution! :smiley:

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