Problem with rotation of wall openings

Hi all,

I have a problem with wall openings, because of the rotation of the walls/ducts.
I have tried a few guides/videos but everytime i dont get the result i want.

How do you see in the image below, i want to set an opening (window family) at any intersection between walls and ducts.
The problem is the rotation of the objects.
At this point i have the geometry.intersection, but how to continue to get the openings rotated and measured like the red corners?

Thanks in advance

Hi, have you seen this video? It worked well with me.

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Yes i see and try it, but its not working for me because i need ALL walls and ducts.
It makes a combined wall opening for all ducts in the wall, and i dont know where its the problem in the script…

Can you share your script and Revit model?

Hi @M.BIM and welcome…is it something here for sure another way then Gavins…mine is more dirty :wink: :wink: as i just sit and playaround :wink: , if so then try family.instance and host for insert your window opening between intersect wall solid and duct locationline…the rest is some math :wink:



Hi @Sovitec
it seems exactly what i need.
Can you please share the script?

Dont have it any more, but try intersect wall and duct and insert a family in that point, can take a look later…im on vacation this week here and so im on off here…but try give an example later…did you try what Gavin show ? then show how far you are and we can help from there :wink:

Hi @M.BIM try something here should work on multiple with rect ducts with a windows family, not so elegant but what i have time for now…but should work and could be a start…

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It works great.
I have added a tolerance round the duct.

The only issue is, that if i run this twice or after modifications it cancels the placed openings.
Maybe set an does intersect? to avoid that the script touches/modifies already placed openings…

sounds like element binding…run it from player

true, with the player doesn’t have this error.

how about the round ducts? it seems that with the “faces” method it can’t work?


¨That exemple is for rect…here is an fast exemple for both rect and round…play around with it :wink:



Excellent! You saved me days of struggling.
Thank You